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Giving your customers a perfect loyalty programme experience is somewhat like preparing a fine dining meal. You need to provide the best ingredients (technology & software), but there is always a risk of failure without the best people and knowledge, who know how to transform it into something unique.


Comarch has distinguished itself as a global leader in customer loyalty by applying its expertise to each and every stage of the loyalty programme life cycle.

Comarch provides businesses with extensive support across the entire loyalty value chain. Our managed services range includes: Loyalty Consulting, Programme Management, Creative Services and Customer Analytics.

We help companies optimise their marketing activities within the area of customer loyalty & engagement programmes. Services are provided by our team of customer loyalty consultants, analysts and programme managers with vast experience and expertise in implementing and managing marketing projects across various industries.


Comarch cover:



Loyalty Consulting


Comarch brings its best practices, fresh perspectives and insights to build the optimal model of program operations, and to organise processes and program management tailored to businesses of any size within any industry. The results of this concept elaboration consistently meet partner expectations, specific competitive environments and target group characteristics.


Comarch offers a broad portfolio of loyalty consulting services in the area of:


- Programme strategy

- Programme concept & mechanics design

- Reward strategy & mechanics design

- Marketing communication strategy

- Programme organisation & procedures

- IT requirement analysis


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Loyalty Consulting





Programme Management

Loyalty Programme Management


Comarch provides dedicated resources that greatly benefit your staff, and we will work closely with you to manage your company’s day-to-day operations.


Dedicated and highly experienced programme managers will manage and coordinate your loyalty programme by executing operational tasks, carrying out software application administration as well as providing expert guidance for future improvements and further growth.


Choosing Comarch services will also free up your internal resources by delegating a time-consuming processes.


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Customer Analytics   


Our confidence and experience regarding analytical projects covers data gathering, data cleaning and auditing, improving and maintaining data quality, and data analysis.

We specialise in elevating and understanding client needs, identifying purchase triggers, uncovering mechanisms responsible for creating engagement and customer loyalty. We do this by using a variety of methods and approaches taken from scientific practices and backgrounds. Our analytical support focuses on key areas: 


- Customer analytics & segmentation models

- Loyalty programme data analysis

- Marketing & sales analysis

- Database marketing

- Customer feedback

- Social media analysis



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Loyalty analytics





Creative Services

Creative Services


We believe in rich user experience. We have learned that it is one of the key factors in a successful programme. This is why Comarch offers extensive support in everything loyalty that needs a creative touch and fresh approach.


Your company will be provided with the best team of creative minds who will give you a one-of-a-kind opportunity to build an outstanding customer experience in your loyalty programme, or any other marketing initiatives. 


Under an umbrella of Creative Services Comarch offers:


- Creative concepts for an engagement programme

- Gamification mechanisms planning, implementation & evaluation

- Complete UX design & consulting

- Graphic design

- Communication design

- Creative support



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Loyalty Solution Hosting


Comarch gives you an opportunity to install the loyalty platform on your existing company's infrastructure or to host it in one of its own Data Centers in several locations around the globe.


Comarch Data Center are modern data processing and storage facilities used as an alternative for companies to expand their IT infrastructure resources. It allows you to benefit from the use of specially designed, secure services without having to establish them or create a costly technical infrastructure.


Comarch Data Center guarantees a high level of security, reliability and continuity. It has its own IT infrastructure, expertise backed by years of experience, as well as certificates that attest to the highest quality of service.


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Data Center



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