Comarch EDI - Electronic Data Interchange

Comarch Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a secure cloud-based platform for electronic messaging and transaction services that specialises in supply chain solutions. It helps enterprises of all sizes from all over the world to improve business relationships with their partners (including suppliers, customers, logistics operators, service providers). Together, with a comprehensive approach to integration with product, commercial, logistical or financial data, Comarch EDI brings about the best results. Consequently, companies are provided with fast and secure access to reliable data, optimisation of processes and reduction in document handling costs.

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The implementation of electronic data interchange at Unilever

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Spotlight: COMARCH EDI - Electronic Data Interchange

Comarch EDI is a comprehensive approach to communication with partners from all over the world (including suppliers, customers, logistics operators) and the exchange of product, commercial, logistics and financial data.

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