Comarch Customer Engagement for JetBlue Airways

JetBlue is one of the largest low-cost airlines in America. The airline launched its own loyalty programme called TrueBlue in 2004. In the summer of 2013, TrueBlue was extended with the TrueBlue Badges gamification programme as a result of the cooperation between Comarch and JetBlue Airways.


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Implemented solutions

Comarch Customer Engagement

The solution helps companies engage clients throughout their entire experience with the brand on websites, mobile applications, and / or social networks. 

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Business challenges


The main goals set for TrueBlue Badges were: 

  • To enhance the loyalty of the airline’s customers (loyalty 3.0: reward, interact, engage)
  • To engage customers with the use of gamification mechanisms
  • To gather valuable data about customers and their behaviour
  • To educate and guide members through the TrueBlue programme


JetBlue’s priority was to create and implement a compact gamification programme with simple rules, that is highly engaging for customers at the same time.

Programme rules


Comarch made sure that enrolling in TrueBlue Badges is as easy as possible. A new user simply has to sign into their TrueBlue account and take part in a quick tutorial, they are then given the opportunity to join Badges.

The loyalty programme was enriched with the introduction of a personalised approach to customers. 

Each user has their own individual and unique space within the portal, with a personalised avatar and settings. The user’s profile page shows their progress, completed tasks and collected badges. It also places the users into a ranking, so they can see where they score among friends and all members of TrueBlue Badges.

All flights are recorded and shown on the user’s profiles on their own personalised map. The map is interactive and the user can also receive a badge for flying to a certain destination (i.e. Florida or New York). It serves the role of a tracking tool, and a record of the flights can be saved and shared via social media.

Every activity that a user generates on the portal can be shared via the most popular social networks. These actions are awarded with an extra badge to encourage social behaviour and sharing JetBlue related posts. Some of the badges also award users with extra loyalty points.

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