Comarch Data Centre implementation at Heathrow Airport

London Heathrow Airport as Britain’s only hub airport, is home to over 80 airlines, serving 184 destinations in 84 countries.

On average, Heathrow handles over 191,000 flights. It is the busiest airport in Europe and the third busiest airport in the world by passenger traffic. Heathrow has the highest retail sales of any airport in the world ahead of South Korea’s Incheon airport in second place.



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Implemented solutions

Comarch Data Centre

Comarch Data Centres are modern data processing and storage facilities used as an alternative for companies to expanding their IT infrastructure resources. They allow Clients to benefit from the use of specially designed space, without having to build it and without creating expensive infrastructure.

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Comarch Heathrow Data Centre

Business obective


Heathrow airport contracted in 2012 and the implementation in 2013 has been a well-documented success. High quality services and optimal pricing enabled Heathrow to choose Comarch as the provider of its business application and equipment platform.


The Solution


The implementation of the Comarch Loyalty Management for Heathrow started in November 2012 and the comprehensive solution was launched in May 2013. Since then Comarch has continuously been developing existing and new functionalities according to client needs.

The successful implementation of a highly-efficient business application, Comarch Loyalty Management for Airports, for an international customer in the Comarch Data Centre environment is proof of Comarch specialists’ competence in operating data centre systems, as well as the reliability of the infrastructure. The Comarch platform was implemented on the basis of Comarch Loyalty Management for Airports and consists of four flexible integrated modules:

  1. Business Administration - an application for back office users to configure rules, rewards, redemption parameters, and a set of reports (managed by Comarch on Heathrow’s behalf)
  2. Contact Centre Application – an application used by Customer Service Agents to serve customer requests (used by Contact Centre Partner)
  3. Web Portal – an application dedicated for Heathrow Rewards members to manage their accounts and activites (managed by Heathrow, used by programme members)
  4. Meeting Heathrow’s requirements - delivery of comprehensive services such as Member Helpdesk Service, Member Website Service, Service Level Maintenance, Front-end integration, Comarch sub contracts two consortium partners:
  • UK based Partner for the front end integration with merchants’ POS systems
  • European Leader for a comprehensive Outsourcing Contact Centre services

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