Comarch Loyalty Management for Heathrow Airport

London Heathrow Airport as Britain’s only hub airport, is home to over 80 airlines, serving 184 destinations in 84 countries. On average, Heathrow handles over 191,000 passengers every day. It is the busiest airport in Europe and the third busiest airport in the world by passenger traffic.

Heathrow has the highest retail sales of any airport in the world ahead of South Korea’s Incheon airport in second place. Gross retail sales at Heathrow increased in 2011 to £1,7 billion, while Net Retail Income per passenger increased by 4.4% to £5.82 in 2012. At Heathrow, there are over 400 different outlets and over 120 global brands with the World Duty Free as a second biggest partner, after British Airways.

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Implemented solutions

Comarch Loyalty Management

Comarch Loyalty Management offers all the tools needed to build a successful loyalty program, created for both individual and business customers.

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Business challenges


In re-launching the loyalty scheme Heathrow set a number of key objectives:

  • to generate incremental sales and income by encouraging members to spend at airport outlets and on services
  • to increase number of high value marketable members
  • to generate greater insight from the transactions of Heathrow Rewards members
  • to improve customer experience by engaging with members and retail partners in a way that they wanted to interact
  • to ensure world-class customer service
  • to provide relevant and motivating rewards
  • to adapt and expand to new technologies like Apple Passbook and mobile website to provide easiest access to information
  • to improve and speed up the process for participating point-issuing partners
  • to migrate quickly from the old platform to the new with minimum disruption to member base
  • to ensure cost effective management and operational delivery of Heathrow Rewards

The Solution


Comarch provided a comprehensive loyalty solution enhanced with additional management and operational services. The Loyalty Engine implemented on the basis of Comarch Loyalty Management for Airports platform consists of four flexible integrated modules:

  1. Business Administration - an application for back office users to configure rules, rewards, redemption parameters, and a set of reports (managed by Comarch on Heathrow’s behalf)
  2. Contact Centre Application – an application used by Customer Service Agents to serve customer requests (used by Contact Centre Partner)
  3. Web Portal – an application dedicated for Heathrow Rewards members to manage their accounts and activities (managed by Heathrow, used by programme members)
  4. Mobile website – a mobile version of the desktop Heathrow Rewards site for Android and iOS

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