White papers and Reports


B2B Loyalty & Engagement Programmes

Tips and recommendations which will be useful when creating a new B2B loyalty programme, or revamping your current one.

Data Centre Outlook

This white paper explores managing data centre strategies in a fragmented regulatory landscape.

How Mobile is Redefining Loyalty

Use Mobile to your advantage and learn how to refine and tailor your loyalty programme like never before with this white paper.

Loyalty Strategy Pitfalls

This white paper outlines the most common mistakes in designing and managing customer loyalty programmes and how to avoid them.

Comarch Telco Review

Comarch Telco Review provides expert commentary and analysis on current trends shaping the telecommunications market..

What Drives Customer Loyalty?

This white paper explains how to keep customers coming back for more and defines the key drivers of customer loyalty.

Gamification... what's next?

This white paper examines the connection between gamification and the IoT, and their importance for your business.

Customer Loyalty Guide

This guide will provide you with frameworks, insights and processes to help build a powerful and successful loyalty programme.

Biometrics - Modern Methods of Authentication

This white paper will teach you what biometrics are, how they impact our security and how they can be used.

Vendor Management

This white paper examines the best practices for effective and efficient vendor management.

Customer Retention 101

This white paper shows why customer retention is vital for your business, how to choose the ideal solution for your brand,


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