Development of Comarch Data Centre service

Comarch Data Centre servicesDevelopment of Comarch Data Centre services: Act globally, think locally

With Comarch you can achieve a global range of services while remaining present on the local market. Our infrastructure already includes 15 data centres, located all over Europe, North America and Asia, with more locations in the pipeline. We are proud to announce the grand opening of another important facility: the data centre in Lezennes, near Lille - the French Comarch headquarters.

The official Lille Data Centre opening took place on March 20th. It has 2000 m2 of additional space to develop Comarch’s ICT offer and ensure the implementation of hosting projects for current and future clients, not only from France, but also other Western European countries.

- This modern centre is another milestone in the dynamic growth strategy of Managed Services and Cloud Computing. Systems connected to the global Comarch Cloud instance will be placed in Lille DC, that way we will ensure geographical distribution of systems. This will definitely increase the platform security and ensure local data storage for specific customer requirements - adds Ryszard Kluza, BU Comarch ICT Director.

For many years, Comarch has been focusing on the development of high value-added hosting services. Hence, we invest in the expansion of the network of data centres, but above all in the development of our own services. The market expects an integrated IT service in a cloud model, which is why we offer those services using our own data centres, our own applications and the IaaS platform in Comarch Enterprise Cloud. By choosing Comarch, customers will benefit from a unified and flexible cloud infrastructure with the highest security standards. The platform involves a wide range of tools supporting the creation and delivery of microservices-based applications. Comarch’s solution will allow customers to benefit from lower IT costs, increased company efficiency and full control over existing IT resources while guaranteeing the reliability of corporate data and maximising flexibility. All this in a secure IT environment located in the Comarch Data Centre.

- The cloud computing platform - Comarch Enterprise Cloud Platform - was launched at the Comarch Data Centre in Krakow. All computing power is based on servers with the latest Intel® Skylake Purley processors along with the Intel® Omni-Path network, which is characterized by low latency and high bandwidth of 100 Gbps. The next step for us is to extend the platform to other regions using the Comarch Data Centre centres in France, Germany and, in the future, in the USA. The created environment will significantly accelerate development processes and enable better automation of operations thanks to SDN (Software Define Network) and SDS (Software Define Storage) technologies. The platform (in addition to computing resources in the form of vCPU, RAM, storage) also provides the necessary tools to build micro-services-based applications. These tools are based on the OpenShift solution, which uses Docker, Kubernetes for container resources orchestration. Currently, the teams involved in the XaaS Board works operate on the platform - says Krystian Chorzępa, R&D Director of Comarch Enterprise Cloud Platform.

Europe is a huge but still conservative market for cloud computing services. Comarch's global presence allows applications to be brought closer to their users all over the world, and at the same time enables us to meet data resident requirements, i.e. comprehensive data protection in accordance with local legal requirements, high availability, disaster recovery and backups. Additionally, the launch of the first Comarch Enterprise Cloud region in Krakow opens the door to IT departments of large clients, not only from Poland, but also from France, Benelux and even the UK.

- Thanks to this investment, we gained a strong asset. In the near future, we will establish another instance of Comarch Enterprise Cloud in France. A comprehensive offer of locally available cloud services such as Infrastructure as a Service, complemented with a complete portfolio of Managed Services and Managed Security, will allow us to stand out from the local, highly specialised suppliers. This, combined with years of experience working with local application clients, allows us to reasonably assess the chances of dynamic expansion in Europe – sums up Łukasz Łacniak, Comarch Enterprise Cloud Product Manager.

One of the greatest advantages of Comarch Enterprise Cloud Platform is flexibility. The solution offered by Comarch ICT allows you to adjust the cloud to your own needs by configuring its individual parameters, i.e. the number of processors, memory and resources, and types of disk space. At any time, you can change the allocated resources and use the exact computational resources that your business needs, scale application performance and at the same time optimise operational costs.

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