How Will 5G Change the OSS Landscape?

Since the announcement that Verizon will be running the first 5G telecom commercial trials, communication service providers (CSPs) are racing to be prepared for mass deployment in 2020. The 5G revolution will require a new way of thinking as it will bring significant changes to the OSS landscape.

5G network slicing has to be considered when setting out a 5G architecture explanation. 5G network slicing technology will lead to greater network complexity by adding network management layers.


The 5G telecommuncation revolution will bring the following changes in operations management:

  • Data Models

New management layers mean a new requirement for data models that can handle them.

  • Planning and Fulfilment

5G network slicing will require the correct functionalities, including planning and fulfilment, on-boarding, creating, configuring and activating / deactivating these 5G network slices and pairing functions.

  • Assurance

5G network slicing will create more data, and also create the challenge of assurance for various 5G services and information that comes from them.

  • Closed Loop Automation

Scalability is of high importance thanks to the current state of digital transformation in telecommunications. 5G telecom advances will require automation to be tailored for each network slice.

  • Customer Experience Management and Analytics

Every business or vertical will need a flexible CEM to address their specific business models.


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