White paper: Biometrics - Modern Methods of Authentication

In 2012, at least 44 million cases of identity theft were identified around the world. Banks, insurance companies and medical companies lose 50 billion dollars annually as a result of customers obtaining benefits by deception. 11% of Poles have lost their passport, 5% of them fell victim to a theft, and 3% have had their password to an account or an e-mail stolen, as shown by a BIK survey (BIK Identity Protection Survey November 2015).

Nevertheless, passwords and PIN codes continue to be most popular user identification solutions. At times, supporting questions are used additionally, too.
One can easily capture such data and use it to gain unauthorised access to bank accounts and information about customer’s insurance. Many security specialists consider biometrics to be a much better and more comfortable solution for user identification.

In this white paper you will learn:

  • What birometrics are
  • The methods of biometrics
  • How biometrics can impact on our security
  • Biometrics-based identification scenario
  • How biometrics are used in the world
  • Which biometrc methods we can use in everyday life

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