AP/AR Automation




Redesign, streamline and automate the processing of cost and sales documents.



Automating accounts payable and accounts receivable ensures a decrease in the workload associated with manual processing. Thanks to an easy to use web interface, every invoice is accessible, trackable and reportable at any time and from anywhere. Using the process engine accelerates the acceptance of documents and collects data entered at every stage of the process. Thanks to this, accounting staff can focus solely on verification and particularization of the entered assignment.



  • Reduction of the workload by automating manual tasks
  • Reduction of costs associated with processing and archiving paper documents
  • Easy access and quick search through the electronic archive
  • Speeding up document processing through electronic workflow
  • Verification of data and fewer errors due to system logic and the application of validation
  • Reduction of costs associated with additional ERP system licenses

Benefits of AP/AR Automation



Electronic archive for all financial documents based on enterprise content management (ECM).


Multiple document input and output channels (integration, Web-EDI, web portal, e-mail, scan and upload).


Text recognition based on OCR, with a self-learning engine and automatic indexing and data import.


Conversion of documents from one format (e.g. PDF, DOC, PPT, XLS, JPG, PNG or TIFF) to another (e.g. HTML, PDF, TXT, DOC or PPT).


Comparison of the quantities, price per unit, terms, etc. appearing on the vendor's invoice, with purchase order and quantities actually received.


Full support for electronic invoice handling processes.


Monitoring crucial dates and deadlines, as well as e-mail notifications.


Integration with internal and external business systems (e.g. ERP, EDI and Active Directory).

AP/AR Automation



Comarch provides a total invoice management solution to optimise both the accounts payable and accounts receivable processes.

In the case of accounts receivable, the platform guarantees conversion from the original format into several formats required by customers, and distribution via various channels, e.g. integration, Web-EDI, web portal or e-mail.

For accounts payable, the solution ensures the receipt and registration of invoices in various formats and with the use of multiple input sources, such as EDI, e-mail, web portal and mail (scanning). Automatic indexing, based on OCR engines and automatic data import, ensures a noticeable reduction of time spent on invoice registration. Thanks to sophisticated and self-learning algorithms, you do not need to bother about many invoice layouts.


Three-Way Match


The purpose of the three-way match is to avoid paying incorrect and perhaps fraudulent invoices. “Match” refers to the comparison of the quantities, price per unit, terms, etc. appearing on the vendor's invoice, with the information on the purchase order, and the quantities actually received.

Automatic validation of these three related documents allows not only faster processing, but also – more importantly – the possibility to capture potential incompatibilities and handle them efficiently through a well-defined workflow.


3-Way Match

Document Management


Comarch Document Management (based on the Enterprise Content Management System) provides consistent and effective management of documents, including in relation with business processes.

Capturing and securely archiving documents in any form (including structured documents such as ERP printouts), rapid search facilities and access from anywhere are just some of the many functionalities of this solution.

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Document Management

Internal Workflows


The solution allows the user to design and manage document-related aspects of business processes such as billing invoices, purchase processes, contract management and master data management. It facilitates the simplification and automation of processes based on the circulation of documents, while maintaining compliance with legal requirements.

The solution ensures efficient management of business processes in every area of the company. Processes are defined within the graphical process designer, and the tasks are performed by the participants as part of their business roles. The system can automatically initiate processes based on a variety of business events.

Internal Workflows

Multi-ERP Integration


One of the main challenges, especially in global companies, is the number of different ERP systems or versions. In this case, Comarch Multi-ERP Integration ensures data integrity and avoids data entry duplication, while at the same time enhancing employee convenience and accelerating their work. 

Multi-ERP Integration

Dynamic Discounting


The solution enables suppliers to be offered a discount in return for early payment of an invoice. This leads to:

  • Saving money, as invoices are paid earlier
  • Fast access to cash for your suppliers
  • Strengthening relationships with suppliers
  • Improved control over cash

Dynamic Discounting

Invoice management based on Enterprise Content Management system


Comarch AP/AR Automation enables effective invoice management, facilitating fast access to electronic documents and reports presenting the current state of invoice-related data. Invoices may be uploaded by a vendor themselves, thanks to a dedicated web portal. Vendors can also use the portal to offer products or update reference data. Documents are stored securely in a central repository, so they can be searched, preserved, archived and delivered for audits. Invoice processing is based on a workflow engine that enables the correct approval mechanisms to be set, and reflects the structure of document verification and acceptance or issue management.

Thanks to automated invoice processing, your organization can both avoid penalty fees related to delayed payments, and gain financial incentives due to dynamic discounting. The effect will strengthen relationships with suppliers while lowering invoice costs. Automated Invoice Processing is your company’s route to full invoice automation.

Managed Services


Implementation of the process of connections with business partners in accordance with the schedule (including information campaigns, webinars and newsletters).


Comarch’s multi-lingual Service Desk team provides reliable support while maintaining the highest quality standards.


Experienced project managers are assigned to the project and oversee the initiation, preparation, execution and closure stages to ensure the successful implementation of the proposed solution.


Comprehensive services for processing paper documents, such as preparing for scanning, scanning, indexing, archiving originals, and logistics.


Solution supports communication within the organisation as well as customer relationship management.


Comarch supports the integration of many systems within enterprises (e.g. ERP, WMS, TMS, CRM, EDI and ECM), together with directory services for automatic logging in to the system and presenting the organisational hierarchy.

Accounts payable management 

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