Replacement of paper invoices with their electronic counterparts, with a comprehensive approach to purchase and sales invoices and legal compliance.



Comarch e-Invoicing enables the cost-effective handling of entire invoice-related flows, both electronic and paper, in one integrated suite. Our multi-lingual Service Desk and interoperability with providers worldwide guarantees electronic communication with all vendors/customers in one place. You can rest assured that invoice content is validated and the format is converted in the right way. The transmission process is secure, and you have access to detailed information about all statuses. Moreover, you may fully streamline and automate your AP/AR invoice process.

How much can you save with e-invoicing?


50-60% SAVINGS
Electronic invoice processes result in savings of 60-80% compared to traditional paper-based processing


*applies to VAT compliant e-invoicing (Source: Politecnico di Milano)


*applies to full integration of the trade process (Source: Politecnico di Milano)

0.5-1.5 years

Projects typically result in a payback period of 0.5-1.5 years (Source: Billentis)



  • Initiating e-invoicing with each partner
  • Automating the invoice process
  • Cost reduction
  • Faster data flow - faster payment
  • Reduction in the number of errors
  • Save resources (such as data entry systems)
  • Rapid access to historical invoices
  • Environmentally friendly solution

E-Invoicing Benefits



Total invoice management solution to optimise both accounts payable (AP) and accounts receivable (AR) processes.


Functionality to make invoicing easier and improve collaboration with regular, trusted partners.


Support for electronic signature technology - providing signed invoices by e-mail or through the portal, including signing on behalf of the client.


Secure and legally compliant archive with rapid access to documents for authorised users.


Conversion of invoice format (e.g. XML) to the formats required by all partners (e.g. EDIFACT, XML, IDOC, VDA, PDF or paper).


Defining dedicated validation rules to ensure fewer incorrect documents. Most frequently used for invoices (including checking the net/gross amount).


Full support for document handling processes in companies and business relationships. Management of processes in various areas.


Various distribution channels for recipients (e.g. integration, portal, Web-EDI, e-mail and mail).


Global Legal Compliance


Electronic invoicing and VAT compliance are some of the more challenging processes that companies have to deal with. The solution includes support for regulatory requirements – integrity of content, authenticity of origin and legibility assurance, as well as protection of sensitive data and archiving of invoices for the legally required period (data retention policy). Comarch cooperates with TrustWeaver, which guarantees legal compliance in more than 60 countries.

For both AR and AP invoices, Comarch e-Invoicing provides legally compliant electronic storage for the required retention period.

Comarch participates in the work of the European E-Invoicing Service Providers Association (EESPA).


Global Legal Compliance



Comarch provides a total invoice management solution to optimise both accounts payable and accounts receivable processes.

In the case of AR, Comarch provides electronic invoicing for all your clients. Starting from invoice validation, the platform guarantees conversion from your format into several formats required by customers, and distribution to customers via various channels – integration (e.g. AS2, SFTP, FTP/VPN or OFTP2), Web-EDI, customer portal or e-mail. In addition, Comarch may electronically sign the invoice on behalf of your company.

For AP, our solution enables the receipt of invoices in various formats and from different channels, validating and mapping them to one common format (including OCR). The use of the OCR engine ensures a noticeable reduction in the time spent on registration. Thanks to sophisticated and self-learning algorithms, you do not need to bother about many invoice layouts. The solution allows scanning mixed models (branches and HQ), indexing in the context of domain systems, and the use of barcodes, 2D codes and QR mechanisms.


Data Exchange


Comarch provides managed services to assure the fast and secure transmission of invoices. In relation to technological advancement and the volume of documents, the solution is tailored to the business needs of your company. We provide a number of functionalities, such as data validation, transmission, routing, any to any format mapping, tracking and reporting, which streamline communication with business partners.

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Data Exchange

Three-Way Match


The purpose of the three-way match is to avoid paying incorrect and perhaps fraudulent invoices. “Match” refers to the comparison of the vendor invoice quantities, price per unit, terms and so on, to the information on the purchase order and to the quantities actually received.

After the vendor's invoice has been validated by the three-way match, it can be further processed for payment.

The three-way match is an important step in safeguarding an organisation's assets.

3-Way Match



Comarch e-Invoicing stores documents for the required retention period. It is a web-based application providing access to all your invoices from anywhere with Internet access, worldwide. Intuitive search criteria, history of operations on the documents, easily readable and printable versions and a user management tool are only a few of the functionalities available. 


e-Invoicing Portal


Comarch provides an intuitive and user-friendly web portal for the clients’ suppliers or customers, allowing them to reach 100% e-invoicing in a short period of time. The portal ensures:

  • Easy and fast on-boarding
  • Self-provisioning functionalities (e.g. technical configuration and mapping testing)
  • Intuitive creation of documents or uploading with attachments
  • Fast document search
  • Notifications about crucial events
  • Advanced user management
  • KPI reporting

e-Invoicing Portal

Managed Services


Implementation of the process of connections with business partners in accordance with the schedule (including information campaigns, webinars and newsletters).


Comarch’s multi-lingual Service Desk team provides reliable support while maintaining the highest quality standards.


Experienced project managers are assigned to the project and oversee the initiation, preparation, execution and closure stages to ensure the successful implementation of the proposed solution.


Comprehensive services for processing paper documents, such as preparing for scanning, scanning, indexing, archiving originals, and logistics.


Solution supports communication within the organisation as well as customer relationship management.


Comarch supports the integration of many systems within enterprises (e.g. ERP, WMS, TMS, CRM, EDI and ECM), together with directory services for automatic logging in to the system and presenting the organisational hierarchy.

E-Invoicing: ECO friendly and human-friendly electronic invoicing solution utilised worldwide 

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