Master Data Management




Keeping data clean and up to date is very challenging, as enterprises have product details scattered throughout different systems and departments.



Comarch Master Data Management, our GDSN certified data pool, allows the user to organise the process of exchanging and maintaining data. It eliminates chaotic email or paper communication that imposes double data entry. Using electronic forms and workflow processes integrated with master data systems not only eliminates the need for MDM employees to repeat data entry, it also allows the information to be validated at the beginning of the process so that the user can unify MDM processes on different systems.


  • Comprehensive product data management in B2B and B2C channels
  • Faster product launch
  • Reduction of out of stock situations
  • Complete and up to date information on the shelves – leading to customer satisfaction
  • Reduction in returns
  • Verification of the correctness and completeness of the data by system validations
  • Unification of MDM processes through clearly defined rules
  • Efficient management of data through a central electronic repository for easy search
  • Acceleration of the introduction of changes in the databases by automating the approval process

Master Data Management - benefits



Maintaining a central product catalog that is available for all users. Safe and fast data transfer and integration with Comarch EDI provides swift access to high-quality data.


Selection of parameters is adapted to the requirements of your clients. List of more than 100 parameters that meet market and regulatory standards (e.g. Reg. 1169/2011). Diversification of parameters into those that are general and available to all users (e.g. ingredients), and those that are dedicated (e.g. prices) – visible only to selected customers.


Search for products in the directory for all users (only for general parameters). Subscription mechanism provides automatic alerts when new products or new versions of the selected product, category or supplier become available.


Different methods of data entry (e.g. web form, upload from file, or EDI file) tailored to the capabilities and preferences of your company. Ability to use already entered parameters for similar products, and to add multimedia (e.g. images).


Create different versions of the product for a given period. This allows the introduction of planned changes and the version history to be viewed.


The buyer completes the internal data in order to optimise their use in internal systems (e.g. internal product codes).


Data validation by buyers in accordance with individually agreed flow. The possibility of giving permission to the authorise certain parameters to individual departments (e.g. purchasing, logistics, or accounting).


Quick and easy communication with a business partner in order to verify the parameter or its incompatibility with the agreement.


GDSN Data Pool


Comarch Master Data Management is a GDSN (Global Data Synchronisation Network) certified data pool guaranteeing that users can synchronise master data securely, based on GS1 standards, with partners worldwide. GDSN supports accurate, real-time data sharing and trade item updates among subscribed trading partners.

This means organisations can have confidence that, when one of their suppliers or retailers updates their database, their own database is similarly updated as a result. Everyone has access to the same continuously refreshed data. This automatic and efficient exchange helps in meeting the demand of today's data-hungry consumers.

GDSN Data Pool

Product Information Management


The solution enables producers and distributors to register their products while assigning and updating hundreds of attributes divided into several categories via direct integration with internal IT systems, file upload or web-based applications. The selection of parameters is adapted to the requirements of your clients. The solution also provides diversification of parameters into those that are general and available to all users (e.g. ingredients), and those that are dedicated (e.g. prices) and visible only to selected customers. The solution allows the use of pre-existing attributes for similar products, and supports multimedia (e.g. images). The validation rules guarantee quick access to current and verified information about products.


Production Information Management

Vendor Data Management


Comarch Master Data Management enables vendors’ data to be kept up to date. Starting from the on-boarding process, correct data entry is crucial for efficient collaboration. To update data, or add any supplier master data, simply send your suppliers a notification. Reminder functions ensure that your suppliers add data within a specific period of time. Updated or confirmed master data are automatically added to the system.

Vendors' Data Management

Data Exchange


Different methods of data entry (e.g. web form, upload from file, or EDI message), tailored to the capabilities and preferences of your company. Data may be exchanged both via the GDSN network with other certified data pools worldwide in a standardized way, and directly if both sides agree. Comarch provides encrypted data transmission supporting various communication protocols (e.g. SFTP, AS2, FTP/VPN and WebService).

We provide document format mapping for converting your company’s documents to formats appropriate for your partners, and vice versa (e.g. XML, EDIFACT).

The user has access to the application that allows a quick preview of the current status of processed documents, providing for a rapid response in the event of erroneous and lost documents.

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Data Exchange

Data Enrichment


Comarch Master Data Management provides the functionality to enrich and refine data – a valuable asset for any modern enterprise –  on the recipient side. Data provided by the vendor may not include information required by your internal systems (e.g. internal product codes). The notification functionality reminds the relevant departments to fill in the data before integrating them into internal systems. 

Data Enrichment

Approval Workflows


The data validation process is different in each organisation. Thus, we offer a flexible workflow engine which enables the individual definition of the vendor and product data approval process. This may be executed in parallel by several departments, and in the correct order as defined by a particular set of attributes. 

Approval workflows

How to achieve the master level of product data management.

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