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Comarch is a leading technology company which streamlines business processes throughout the entire loyalty value chain. The most important aspect, offered to the largest enterprises, is a comprehensive suite of IT solutions and professional services, which help build and manage loyalty programmes, create rich customer experiences and personalised interactions across multiple touch points, automate marketing processes and also boost profits. Comarch has multi-industry experience, gained through our work with over eighty clients, including Retail & Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies, telecoms, financial institutions, travel companies and many more. These clients include JetBlue Airways, London Heathrow Airport and BP. Our offer also includes big data analytics and innovative customer engagement systems based on gamification. We have been recognised by Gartner and Forrester for our loyalty and engagement solutions.

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Why Comarch Loyalty?

Comarch End-to-end



Comarch provides an end-to-end solution. We cover both software & on-going services, meaning there is no need to worry about using different applications and services from different vendors for one process, or hiring extra team members for loyalty management.

Choosing Comarch's solutions will let you achieve your business goals, we have helped our clients to increase the average Spend Per Visit (+14%), number of transactions (+27%), lift up the enrollment rate (+105%), improve online engagement (+1.3M page views), NPS (+50%), social media brand presence (+1.5M FB impressions) or to reduce operational costs.

Comarch Agile & Powerful

Agile and Powerful


Choosing Comarch will give you a tool for life. Our platform is modular, so you can choose the specific parts that you need at the time. New modules can be added/removed from the solution. Thanks to the constant development of our products (roadmaps), you will receive new features as the product evolves, and will always be in line with current market trends.

We support large loyalty schemes, and customer loyalty programmes on our platform grow with your business, they can be easily expanded into other areas, countries and businesses. Our powerful engine processes millions of loyalty transactions on a daily basis. Thanks to our in-house development, we are quick and accurate in answering your requests.

Comarch Innovative & Engaging

Innovative and Engaging


Standing still in a business environment means regression. We know it well. That’s why we adapt, we change, we create; and your company can too. You will have one of the most innovative tools on the market that will give you a strong advantage over competitors in terms of customer engagement, satisfaction and online user experience.


We offer a robust employee & customer engagement platform, own micro-location technology - Comarch Beacon, social media & engagement, gamification analytics, digital engagement strategists and in-house creative teams. We can also help you to leverage the potential of Internet of Things in your business to create an outstanding customer experience.

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