Comarch is a global software manufacturer, integrator and
IT business solutions provider serving large enterprises.

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Key Drivers of Loyalty

Being a frequent customer doesn’t always equate to true loyalty. Sales data shows how often customers make purchases, but it doesn’t say why.

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Defining Customer Loyalty

Brands often ask “What can we do to make people loyal to the brand?” It’s time we looked at loyalty from a different perspective – that of the customer.

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Why Comarch?

Comarch is a global software manufacturer and integrator of advanced IT services and software for multiple industries, including telecommunications, customer loyalty and CRM, financial services, insurance, airlines, oil and gas, healthcare etc.

We have customer references from 60 countries on 5 continents.

With our team of over 5,300 experienced IT engineers, developers and business consultants, Comarch has successfully implemented solutions for Forbes 100, Fortune 500 and FTSE companies since 1993. Working in over 75 offices worldwide, we support enterprises in various industries by streamlining business processes and simplifying IT architectures to cut costs, improve customer experience and increase revenues.

We have Data Centres in Poland, Germany, USA etc. which enables us to offer a variety of business models, including SaaS and Managed Services.

Comarch is not only valued by its customers, but also by renowned IT analyst companies such as DiS, Gartner, IDC, Truffle 100 and Forrester.

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